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The Karma of Astrological Thinking

The Link Between Astrology and Karma

Man has been very interested in the heavens and the stars from his very beginning as noted on ancient paintings on caves and tablets. Two major movements have been linked to the stars, and those are astronomy and astrology. While astronomy is the science of studying planets and stars, simply from the standpoint of origin, distance, movement and the destruction of stars, mainly on the physical level. On the other hand, astrology deals more with the relationship that man has with the heavens. It has been long known that the planting of crops and their success has had a link with the stars in regard to when the planting occurs.

Financial Astrology Can’t Help Investing Can It?

Now, like me, you may say that basing financial investment decisions on astrology would be bonkers!. That would have been my own initial reaction until I started looking into the subject a little more. In fact, I am now of the opinion that astrological analysis can indeed help with investing in stocks and shares, foreign exchange trading or even just managing your own home budget.  OK, I can hear the sharp intake of breath but let me explain.  You won't disagree, I'm sure, when I say that basing your financial decisions on your horoscope is like a lemming jumping off a cliff.

How You Can Choose a Job Using Astrology

  A lot of people naturally seem to know what sort of decisions they should make in life. They don't hesitate; they know what choices to make and what would lead them on the best path. You may wonder how many people are able to do this. The answer is to use astrology. Your astrological sign, as well as your astrological chart, can tell you a lot about yourself. It can tell you what kind of romantic and financial decisions you should make in the future, and it can even help you to find a job.   For example, if you have a fire sign, you'll be more likely to succeed in a job where you have minimal oversight.

Astrology and Psychic Ability

If you have ever heard of the terms divination, mediumship, clairvoyance, astral projection, psychokinesis, or even precognition, these all fall into a category of something that is referred to as a psychic ability. These abilities are those that are not explainable, not attributed to any type of empirical data. Despite the fact that science cannot be used to explain the events that have occurred, ones that have been documented for decades attributed to those that possess psychic powers, they are very real, and for those that have experienced them first-hand, this truth is self-evident. Here is a basic overview of what psychic abilities are, how they may originate, and how to determine which ones you might have yourself.

Understanding Relationship Astrology

Astrology is the ancient art and science of interpreting signs and symbols from the stars. Although this study has been used for all sorts of things, from politics to naming babies, lots of people are very interested in relationship astrology. This is also called "Synestry." Sure, there are plenty of astrology readers and websites that promise to analyze zodiac sign compatibility, but these readings are usually very general, so they are not all that useful. Asking a general question like, "Does a Scorpio usually get along with a Leo?" is usually not that helpful. Just using the basic signs of the Zodiac What Is Synestry?

Chinese Astrology and Chinese Medicine

Chinese Astrology like in Western societies looks to the stars for many of life’s answers. Together with the planets and other celestial bodies it is thought to predict a person’s destiny. Unlike in Western Astrology, it incorporates a 12 year cycle of animal signs. It infuses itself into Chinese philosophy and Chinese medicine. We will take a deeper look at these with-in this article. In addition to the planets, the Sun and the Moon and the cycle of 12 animals, it also incorporates the elements of wood, fire, water, and earth. Depending on how the planets are aligned, in the year of what animal are you born and what element is present at birth all combine to determine what your personality is, if you have any physical weakness or susceptibility to illness, and even when you will die.

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